My goal for the semester was to create a game belonging to a favorite genre of mine, roguelikes. Requirements include not using available roguelike libraries, and being viable for web deployment.
The Algorithmic Composer is a program that generates music using training and evolutionary systems. The application is also a fully functional MIDI player.
My project proposed object segmentation using level set methods and a three-dimensional model to improve cellular object classification accuracy and reliability in EM images.
The goal of the project was to create a plot viewing application that allows dynamic exploration of a data set or parameter space.
Mogul is a behind-the-scenes news show simulation game. The player is tasked with managing staff, stories, and advertiser relations in order to maintain three goal variables: finances, viewer count, and public trust.
The goal of this project was to built citation analysis tools for Blake Romero's thesis project. The thesis is proof of intellectual paradigms in anthropology could be mapped in a citation network.
The Core Logging Application is an Android based program that enables geologists to record data about core, RC and field samples.
The internet has become an integral part of our culture. A dynamic and functional presence on the internet can be a great asset to a company or organization.
Researchers have proposed systems in which users utilize an eye tracker to enter passwords by merely looking at the proper symbols on the computer monitor in the appropriate order. This authentication method is immune to the practice of shoulder surfing: secretly observing the keystrokes of a legitimate user as he or she types a password on a keyboard.