Students: Jacob Dempsey

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Kenrick Mock

Client: UAA Rocketry Team


This capstone is a portion of a larger interdisciplinary project. The parent project is to create a rocket and all necessary support equipment designed to specifications provided by NASA for entry in the 2015 NASA Student Launch Competition.

The 2015 UAA Rocketry Team for the NASA Student Launch Competition team was formed from students in various disciplines. The team consists of Mechanical Engineering Students, a Computer Science Student, and a Business Student. The competition requires the unique skills which we each bring to the project.
The competition requires the team to design and build a rocket which will be launched to a target altitude of 3000 feet above the launch elevation. A point is deducted for each foot the rockets apogee is above or below the target elevation. The rocket is required to carry a payload provided by NASA. The payload is to be loaded and secured in the rocket by autonomous ground support equipment (AGSE). The AGSE must collect the payload from ground and secure it in the rocket. After apogee, the rocket must jettison the payload, and the payload and rocket must return to the ground with no damage to either. The rocket must be able to be re-launched without the need for any repairs.
My portion of the project was the design and deployment of the team’s website as well as the programming of the AGSE. The website is be hosted by a shared hosting service running Linux. Apache was used for the web server, and the website was built upon WordPress to make updating the site easier for the entire team. The AGSE is controlled by a Beaglebone Black single board computer, which is controlling two stepper motors and two servos.



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