Innovation: It’s Who We Are

Our mission is to educate and inspire, and explore innovative solutions that engage Alaska and beyond.

Research content posted to our innovation site helps us celebrate our mission and promote student and faculty innovation in our community.

What type of Featured Images should I upload?

You will be asked to provide at least two images that will be used as featured images on your research post.

Orientation: These featured images should be landscape (horizontal) orientation rather than portrait (vertical) orientation.

Text-free: Featured images should not include text in them. IE: please do not submit posters or flowcharts as feature images.

Subject/Content: Content of featured images can range from project to project. Some items you may include landscapes from site visits, pictures of prototypes, CAD drawings, software screenshots, posed group photo with your poster, etc.

What tone should the abstract be written in?

For the purposes of this website, the abstract should be 1-2 paragraphs long and should be written in a tone intended for the general public. It should be in laymen’s terms, be upbeat and engaging, and should clearly summarize your project’s purpose and impact. Help the public understand why this project is important and valuable. What makes it unique? What did it achieve?

What documents and attachments should I include?

The purpose of this site isn’t merely to acknowledge that research is conducted, but to also provide opportunities for more in-depth and technical exploration through attached documents. If your research project Please consider including your presentation and/or poster as well. If you have developed online video content or a website, include those links as well, and we’ll post them on your project page.

Can I include videos?

Yes! Video content should be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. Just include the link to your online video content when you fill out the form. 

Can I include our separate research website?

Some research projects have developed their own website or have portions of devoted space on research center websites. Feel free to include those links in the form. We will make sure to post those links on your research project page.