Left: Kodiak missile launch seen on seismometers on Peulik. Right: Low frequency tremor at Veniaminof Volcano,

Students: Tom Parker

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Dr. Kirk Scott

Client Organization: Alaska Volcano Observatory


The aim of this applied software development capstone is to produce a new application for visualizing, in near real-time, continuous seismic waveforms from a large number of sensors deployed on active volcanoes. The application is intended to be used in routine volcano monitoring operations on a daily basis, where it will assist in the assessment volcanic unrest.

The developed application presents the user with a mosaic comprised of individual tiles showing the spectral content of waveforms at a volcano. Each tile can be viewed individually with a higher resolution to have a better view of a shorter time span.
This combination of views permits an analyst to quickly scan an entire day of data, while still allowing a closer look at specific events of interest

Design requirements were designed to minimize cost of the infrastructure required without sacrificing flexibility. This goal was met allowing the application to run anywhere a seismic wave server is accessible.


Pensive: An Application for Visualizing Continuous Spectral Content of Volcanic Seismicity zip


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