Students: Alex Odegaard

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Dr. Richard Webb


The purpose of this paper is leave an account of the three months spent developing my senior project at the University of Alaska Anchorage as a computer science major and the challenges that were encountered. The paper starts by mentioning my interest in computer science and video games and how to combine those interests into a formidable capstone project. A large driving force behind the project is to take the reins as the project lead and interact with every aspect of the project to distance myself from becoming an “idea guy” ­­ a problem I’ve noticed with many people, including incoming computer science students.

The project began with the designing phase in early February where I would meet Scott Wheeler and Ryan Bergerson a few times each week over a combination of Skype and Google Docs to discuss a game concept and implementation strategy. In early March, Scott joined the team and coding began for what would be known as “Arctic Rush” ­­ a game based on the concept of the Oregon Trail, and inspired by the diphtheria serum run. In late March, we added my grandmother, and Ryan to the team to create original artwork for the game. In the span of three months, my team wrote 3440 lines of code and produced 14 pieces of original artwork with the prospect of a beta release within the next two months.




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