UAA College of Engineering
The mission of the University of Alaska Anchorage College of Engineering is to educate and inspire, and explore innovative solutions that engage Alaska and beyond.
Research at UAA
UAA’s College of Engineering faculty provide expertise across various engineering disciplines and are making good use of over 20 state-of-the-art research and teaching labs.
Capstone Projects at UAA
A capstone project is a culminating, end of program project that students complete with a team of peers during their senior year.

Innovation at the UAA College of Engineering

Our faculty and students are passionate about designing solutions to challenges and improving the quality of life for community members here in Alaska and across the world. From undergraduate student capstone projects to graduate theses and funded faculty research, this website features and celebrates all forms of innovation taking place at the UAA College of Engineering. Our mission is to educate and inspire, and explore innovative solutions that engage Alaska and beyond.


Civil Engineering

Arctic Coastal, Arctic Engineering and Cold Regions, Earthquake Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical and Frozen Ground, Renewable Energy, Structures, Transportation.

Computer Science & Engineering

Cryptocurrency, Network Reliability, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, App Development, Game Design, Geofencing

Electrical Engineering

Solar energy research, Microgrids/Minigrid operation and control in the Arctic, Power system resilience against extremes, Power system resilience against extremes, Electrical Vehicles (EVs), Continuous Wave Frequency Modulated (CWFM) radar


Surveying and Mapping, Digital photogrammetry, Geographic Information Systems, Remote sensing image processing and analysis, Geographic Artificial Intelligence for industry, environment, and transportation, Geospatial computing and analytics.

Mechanical Engineering

Corrosion, Fluid mechanics, Solid mechanics, Biomechanics, Controls, Renewable energy.

Project Management

Small business implementation and business plans, Construction projects in personal domains, Alaska-based construction projects and activities, Organizational human resource management, project leadership and project-related communications, Organizational project management maturity, and project portfolio management implementation, Real-world project benefits realization and business success

Engineering & Industry Building

2900 Spirit Dr, Anchorage, AK 99508

Engineering & Computation Building

3310 UAA Dr Anchorage, AK 99508