Student Members: Nicole Mah, Tuva Granøien Faculty Advisors: Dr. Frank Witmer, Dr. Kenrick Mock Introduction: The […]
Student Members: David Michel, James Royals Faculty Advisors: Dr. Frank Witmer, Dr. Kenrick Mock Introduction: For […]
Student Members: Tremayne Booker, Jared Vitug Faculty Advisor: Frank Witmer Acknowledgments: ANSEP, Wikipedia Abstract: Wikipedia is […]
Student Members: Jared Vaughn, Boro Zorigtbaatar Project Overview: The Arctic Spark program aims to enhance the […]
Student Members: Austin Edwards, Conner Trouy, John Schwenke Faculty Advisors: Dr. Frank Witmer, Dr, Sebastian Neumayer […]
Student Members: KivaGale Ketcham, Paul Natcher Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kenrick Mock Abstract: This project is to […]
Student Members: Marshall Pratt, Sean Crumley Abstract: This capstone project sought to automate a self enclosed […]
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We sometimes find difficulty when attempting to fit everything we want in a limited space. In some cases, rearranging can result in wasted effort through trial and error. Although keeping a list of measurements can help, Refixture allows you to use those measurements to model a virtual room that you can modify freely.
This project seeks to extend the Arctic Vessel Monitoring Geofencing/Alert Awareness project, initially funded in ADAC Program Year 5, by providing enhanced command and control features that improve on the original goals of monitoring and alert awareness developed for the unclassified Marine Exchange PACTRACS system (which is a commercial mariner application).