Students: Dari Donkuro, Gabriel Perez Cortes

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Dr. Kirk Scott


The target of this capstone is to present a new new take on a home alarm system. The development focuses on making an open source implementation with the use of a Raspberry Pi. My work focuses on bringing a flexible and low-cost approach to a home alarm system which can also be controlled from a remote android device via Internet without the user needing to do much on his/her
side. The requirements, hardware, and tools needed are explained. The presented system needs to endure indefinite use and be reliable.

The scope of the project relies on following the agile methodology and management to ensure iterations are made every so often. In a chronological manner, all the important pieces of the project are done until enough of the system is up and running to make iterations until a full system is complete. A lot of the system has been tested for performance, issues, so as the project and testing has progressed there have been several problems encountered, things learned the easy and the hard way. With all the testing made there have been some conclusions pointing towards the production of a new version that takes different angles with some aspects.



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