The target of this capstone is to present create an application to distribute information and notifications for a large group of people in new UAA Engineering & Industry Building.
We tested proportional control using the submarine's ballast control system (getting the system to sink to a specific depth with a resolution of 10cm) that was built last semester by a previous engineering senior design team.
The target of this project is to provide health providers with a secure tool that enables direct interaction with clients independent of a centralized institutional infrastructure.
The basis for this research involves logging various sensor data from a large sample population of automobiles. The device necessary for such a task has to be capable of streaming On-Board Diagnostics and real-time GPS coordinates to a remote server for data logging.
The purpose of this paper is to outline the Marketing and Analytics Database project. This research relates to the role of data in business as well as the emerging adoption of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology in relating that data.
Jewel Lake Road between 88th Avenue and Strawberry Road currently has a higher than acceptable rear-end and head-on accident rate that must be improved.
This capstone is a portion of a larger interdisciplinary project. The parent project is to create a rocket and all necessary support equipment designed to specifications provided by NASA for entry in the 2015 NASA Student Launch Competition.
The purpose of this project is to construct a bridge over Penguin Creek along the Bird Valley Trailhead located near milepost 101 of the Seward Highway in order to reduce the likelihood of human interaction with the anadromous creek.
Students: Josh Heppner, Chris Joren, Tyler Kobelnyk Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Dr. Jifeng Peng Client: Igiugig Community […]
MTA is exploring its options to meet the increased demand for broadband service to its Big Lake members. Big Lake presents a problem for MTA that is also found in many other rural areas.