Students: Kristian Smith

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Dr. Randy Moulic


The basis for this research involves logging various sensor data from a large sample population of automobiles. The device necessary for such a task has to be capable of streaming On-Board Diagnostics and real-time GPS coordinates to a remote server for data logging. After discovering a multitude of web-based companies currently designing OBD tools, it became evident that the market was flooded with devices focused primarily on localized data logging versus remote logging for a large scale deployment.

This led to a decision of compiling a device using the Arduino framework due to its affordability, support network, and overall adaptability. Using an Arduino Uno microprocessor, we were able to integrate GPS and GSM cellular shields for location and data streaming, respectively. An OBDII board was also obtained to access vehicle sensor data and other diagnostic information. The primary benefits of the proposed device include full access to any data available through OBDII/CANprotocols, and adaptability for on-device data processing and/or cellular transmission. With this tool, many future research opportunities arise including those in the fields of regional emissions analysis (our current focus), automated road condition notification, and adaptive maintenance strategies.


OBD II Diagnostic Logger Final Report

OBD II Diagnostic Logger Presentation

OBD II Diagnostic Logger Poster

OBD II Diagnostic Logger Diagram of Program Flow

OBD II Diagnostic Logger Zip File


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