The purpose of this capstone was to not only create a sensor system which was capable of detecting obstacles in a user’s path and notify them, but to also keep the price of the device low enough that feasible anyone could afford it.
This project group completed a Design Study Report (DSR), a design planset complete with typical sections and singing and stripping drawings that specifically focused on the health, safety, and wellness of; drivers, non-motorized operators, and pedestrians within a municipality that did not currently have a solution to high speed vehicle interaction with a non-signed, and a non-lit cross walk.
An increased concern in the environment’s health in different ecosystems has sparked a need for instruments that can measure different aspects of each system.
The purpose of this report is to present a Final report for EE A438 Design of Electrical Engineering Systems.
SeaWolf Engineering 2015 has been contracted to design an upgraded headworks process at the ERWWTF that can handle current flow rates.
The Society of Automotive Engineers hosts an annual design competition for engineering students. The competition challenges participants to design and build an off-road vehicle.
The aim of this applied software development capstone is to produce a new application for visualizing, in near real-time, continuous seismic waveforms from a large number of sensors deployed on active volcanoes.