Students: Devon Jones (captain), Elena Stutzer (co-captain), Galen Baumgartner, Valisa Hansen, Jun Mendoza

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Dr. Todd Petersen, Dr. Jeffery Hoffman


The Society of Automotive Engineers hosts an annual design competition for engineering students. The competition challenges participants to design and build an off-road vehicle. In May 2015, the Baja Team will race the fifth car designed and assembled by students in the UAA College of Engineering.

This year, the car was almost fully redesigned. The Team’s focus was primarily on the redesign of five key systems: the chassis (frame), breaks, shifter, front suspension and rear suspension. The Team assessed the performance of the previous UAA Baja SAE cars, placing the most emphasis on the car from last year (2014), to define the particular strengths and weaknesses that needed to be addressed for each individual subsystem. The 2015 Team improved these systems, identified as the car’s weakest components, in order to design a more competitive vehicle.



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