Students: Muluneh Babiso, Bradley Ewers, Shawn Marshall, Tyler Tremont, Nick Tuchscherer

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Todd Petersen


The purpose of this report is to present a Final report for EE A438 Design of Electrical Engineering Systems. The project our group was tasked with was to design and implement a tachometer and speedometer for the Mechanical Engineering (ME) department’s Baja. The project is broken up into three tasks: measuring the mph of the vehicle, measuring the rpm of the motor, and a digital system whose inputs (and outputs are logged) are the mph and rpm previously stated and whose outputs are tachometer and speedometer displays to the driver. All three tasks have been completed up to the point of being ready to be housed and mounted onto the Baja. Unfortunately due to time constraints, housing and mounting will have to be done either by another senior design group or the ME department.



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