Students: John Rego, Jesse Kephart, Scott Browning

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Osama A. Abaza

Client Organization: Alaska State Parks


Glenn Alps Trailhead and Viewpoint regularly exceeds it’s capacity. The Upper Huffman Scenic Overlook is designed to offer similar recreational activities to alleviate pressure from Glen Alps. Alaska State Parks has hired Seawolf Engineering Group H to perform the design.

Deliverables include the following:

  • 65% Site Plans
  • 65% Design of Pavilion
  • Geotechnical Review and Recommendations
  • Engineers Estimate
  • Design Study Report (DSR)/ Special Provisions
  • Scale Model of the Pavilion

The scenic overlook contains the following elements: a 50-foot diameter terraced overlook, a 775-square foot timber frame pavilion, a picnic shelter, 500-feet of trails with crushed aggregate surface (D-1), a 270-linear foot ADA trail with recycled asphalt material (RAM) surface.

The overlook extends 5 feet higher in elevation than the parking lot. The terraces steps leading up to the overlook will be approximately 2 feet in elevation. The east path to the overlook will be an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, 8-foot in width, 269-linear foot, 2% slope, and recycled asphalt material (RAM) surface. RAM surface will be utilized to assist with ADA compliance on this trail. The remaining trails will have crushed aggregate surface (D-1). The trail from the gazebo to the picnic area will have 6-inch timber steps.

The timber frame pavilion was designed with Douglas Fir, structural select, free of heart center beams and #1 or better Spruce/Pine decking. A design loads of 50 psf ground snow load was utilized within our design according to MOA design criteria. Beam sizing was performed utilizing load factor resistance design (LFRD). Maximum column loads were calculated to 39 kips. The recommended foundation will consist of A 4-footsquare spread footers beneath each of the four columns. The spread footers will be 1.5 feet height and contain a 1 foot square pier with bury depth of 4 feet. The column will be attached to the top of the pier utilizing an adjustable base plate secured to the concrete with 5/8” diameter galvanized anchor bolts embedded minimum eight inches into the concrete.



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