Students: Kenneth Mendenhall

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Adriano Cavalcanti


In recent years the rise in power of microcontrollers, both in speed and memory capacity, has served to drive the “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) electronics movement, sparking a generation of amateur hobbyists and inventors the means to make household projects to better their lives and further their knowledge of digital systems. Further, this rise in demand for higher performance micro systems along with the shields, peripheral devices, to accompany them has also spurred the evolution of devices like the Raspberry Pi and Intel Edison into systems that can compete with low end desktop systems, but at a much cheaper cost. Additionally, the DIY surge can serve as an educational tool to enlighten future generations of potential coders and computer systems engineers at an earlier age, and has prompted the formation of several home-town maker organizations to facilitate awareness and education in the digital age.




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