This project seeks to extend the Arctic Vessel Monitoring Geofencing/Alert Awareness project, initially funded in ADAC Program Year 5, by providing enhanced command and control features that improve on the original goals of monitoring and alert awareness developed for the unclassified Marine Exchange PACTRACS system (which is a commercial mariner application).
In this project I will build a SQL Server failover cluster and examine what happens to programs that are connected to a SQL Server cluster during a failover. Then try to mitigate the effects of the failover on the software. Finally pass a SQL Server certification test from Microsoft.
Hardware virtualization might also be thought of as dynamic hardware, or hardware with plasticity.
This capstone thesis documents the production of the UAA Spirit Quest prototype for the Spring semester of 2016.
The purpose of this document is to describe, explain, and present the capstone project by Mike Mobley, Matthew Devins, and Lance Leber.
This is a report on the progress of our research and senior capstone based in the field of natural language processing.
The capstone project presented in this document is for the development of a web based summer camp registration system.
The goal of this capstone is to explore Android development and make a health application that can be useful to people afflicted by carpal tunnel syndrome.
With the capacity and capability of our computing device increases every year, the mobile application market has been growing exponentially with millions of Android and IOS users.