Student Members: KivaGale Ketcham, Paul Natcher

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kenrick Mock

Abstract: This project is to create an interactive application that aims to take advantage of the automation within the Engineering and Industry Building (EIB) at UAA. Our primary effort is to take the previous EoD projects’ functionality and create an application web application that provides interactive graphs, administrative control, and is both stable and scalable.

Setback and Challenges: One of the biggest challenges we had was that we had half a semester to finish this project. It also meant that it affected our requirements and how well we were able to fulfill them.

Results: The application that we were able to create was only able to fulfill parts of our requirements. For example, it can provide the user with the graphs containing the data provided by Siemens, however this data is not automated, and we are getting it from an older file from the previous EoD project. The other requirements, such as being able to display non-data was close to finished but the tight deadline, but the application can acquire image file files from the user. On top of all this, due to the time crunch, testing has been limited and only a minor heuristic evaluation has been done.


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