Student Members: Jared Vaughn, Boro Zorigtbaatar

Project Overview: The Arctic Spark program aims to enhance the US Air Force’s ability to operate in cold weather environments by providing a self-contained and self-regulating thermal control solution. Operating in austere environments poses a challenge due to the use of sensitive medical supplies and advanced technological equipment. Our program has developed a cutting-edge technological platform capable of detecting and selectively regulating the temperature of a three-dimensional space. This helps maintain optimal temperatures and ensure the integrity of mission-critical supplies. Our platform consists of a standard hard-sided shipping container that has been modified with a 10-inch internal insulation layer. This creates a storage area measuring 36″ x 36″ x 36″ , which can be further divided into multiple configurable thermal zones. This allows for precise temperature control and the ability to accommodate different types of mission-critical supplies, all within a rugged and secure container.


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