Students: Bryan Sooter, Julia Mackey, Jesse Miller, James Matthews Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Osama […]
The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) proposes to improve Jewel Lake Road (CDS Route 133750) from north of 88th Avenue (mile point 0.542) to Strawberry Road (mile point 1.259).
The SeaWolf Engineering student team have worked throughout the semester to design a hydro powered fish waste disposal system that is to be placed in the Kenai/Russian River Confluence area in Cooper Landing, Alaska.
Students: Riley Bronga, Jessica Farrell, Joshua Smith and Gabriel Thomas Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Osama […]
This project group completed a Design Study Report (DSR), a design planset complete with typical sections and singing and stripping drawings that specifically focused on the health, safety, and wellness of; drivers, non-motorized operators, and pedestrians within a municipality that did not currently have a solution to high speed vehicle interaction with a non-signed, and a non-lit cross walk.
Students: Audrey Russo (Project Manager), Bill Columbus, Darya Hurskaya, Tara Walter Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: […]
Students: Anna McKay, Donovan Parker, Jenna Sparrowgrove, Evan Tyler, Tom Winkler, Stephen Nuss.  Faculty Advisor or […]
Students: Zach Baker, Jean Cumlat, Seth Wise, Ciara Teilborg Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Osama […]
SeaWolf Engineering 2015 has been contracted to design an upgraded headworks process at the ERWWTF that can handle current flow rates.