Students: Tessa Clifton, Sam Johnson

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Kenrick Mock, Scott Hamel, Stefanie O’Brien

Client: Tanaina Child Development Center

Summary: The internet has become an integral part of our culture. A dynamic and functional presence on the internet can be a great asset to a company or organization. Websites facilitate communication and enable the dissemination of news and information with efficiency. In this project we designed a website to a client’s specifications using an open source Content Management Framework (CMF).

Our project was to design a new website for Tanaina Child Development Center, the on campus daycare. Previously, their only presence on the internet was a page hosted on the UAA Content Management System. This proved to be difficult to maintain, as well as being extremely limited in scope. The site had to conform to standards set by UAA, and the client was unable to limit access to portions of the site which prevented the posting of many pictures of the children. Our project focused on client interaction and creating a website to fit the requirements.



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