Author: Stephanie Boedigheimer (Myers)

Abstract: The HSSO consists currently of two staffing offices, one at KSMC for inpatient staffing,
and one at Sunnybrook Ambulatory Surgery Center for Surgical Services. Both offices
serve two hospitals, and in addition, Surgical Services staffing office serves 5 Ambulatory Surgery Centers. The offices provide scheduling services, assist with daily staffing needs, and also do payroll for approximately 2,000 employees. I am the primary project manager overseeing transformational changes in the offices which are focused in three areas: The consolidation of offices – which includes a change in physical location for surgical services staffing office and a change in the management structure Process improvement – which is the bulk of the work and includes things like creation of standard work documents and training material, a revision of the policy for employee files and a rapid file standardization in preparation for the accreditation of our ambulatory surgery centers later this year, and development of a database for letters of understanding that supplement our collective bargaining agreement for the
unions to provide a more efficient way to search for keywords to ensure compliance
and reduce grievances The last key area is a technology upgrade to the staff scheduling system, which will
allow for more accurate reporting, capability to sign up for available shifts from home,
and a switch from a clock in/clock out using the phone system to a tap in/tap out at a
proximity badge reader. PM 686 will focus primarily on the process improvement aspect, and will consist of the
3 creation and implementation of the SOP manual and a Service Level Agreement 3


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