Student: James Cunningham

Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Shawn Butler


We sometimes find difficulty when attempting to fit everything we want in a limited space. In some cases, rearranging can result in wasted effort through trial and error. Although keeping a list of measurements can help, Refixture allows you to use those measurements to model a virtual room that you can modify freely.

  • Define: Visualize a scale model of your room by applying real-world measurements to a large variety of furniture.
  • Arrange: Accurately model your room by interactively moving furniture and saving the result.
  • Generate: Unsure about what should go where? Refixture can take a list of your furniture and attempt to come up with a solution in real time.

The idea for this project arose due to new indoor lifestyles during the COVID-19 pandemic. Spending time working and relaxing at home encouraged bringing in more amenities at the cost of increased space management. Managing rooms can be helped with planning, but visualizing those plans becomes easy with Refixture. Therefore, Refixture helps users imagine a new shelf, chair, or exercise bike. For those moving into a new space, save a few different arrangements to evaluate layout options. For those knowledgable with Unity, the project can be modified and used freely through the GitHub repository. Learn more about Refixture here!



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