The Core Logging Application is an Android based program that enables geologists to record data about core, RC and field samples.
The internet has become an integral part of our culture. A dynamic and functional presence on the internet can be a great asset to a company or organization.
The HSSO consists currently of two staffing offices, one at KSMC for inpatient staffing, and one at Sunnybrook Ambulatory Surgery Center for Surgical Services.
The University’s civil engineering department holds a semester long Design of Civil Engineering Systems course, for graduating seniors.
The U-MED district is located in northeast Anchorage, Alaska. It has been identified as one of the largest growing employment centers in Anchorage and is expected to continue to grow over the next 20 years.
The Alaska Railroad Corporation’s (ARRC) fueling and maintenance yard is located near the port of Anchorage, in the northwest section of the city. The yard has approximately 2000 linear feet of aging 10 inch cast iron water pipe that is need of repair or placement.
Midtown Anchorage currently has two production wells which when pumping at full capacity create a hydraulic high point in the system, resulting in blocked flow from east Anchorage sources through the MacInnes pressure relieve valve (PRV) near the A-C Street coupling.
South Anchorage has three major roadways allowing for access east-to-west. The level of service provided by these roadways is not adequate.
For this project, ADOT&PF is planning to realign the Glenn Highway between MP 53 and MP 56. A bridge type study was conducted, and the following design alternatives were evaluated.