Student Members: Daniel Kemper, Christopher Knox, Kyle Bartlett Acknowledgments: Dr. Chokri Sendi, Michael Kemper, Birdwings of […]
Student Members: Ben Almeida, Caleb Engst, McKale Hill, Wesley Olson Acknowledgments: Dr. Getu Hailu, Dr. Jifeng […]
Student Members: Lawrence Giron Jr. and Ryan Parks Faculty Advisors: Dr. Jennifer Brock and Dr. Raghu […]
Group of students and professor displaying their test rack.
Students: Tere Alonso, Darren Allen, Gabriel Gonzalez, Dominic Proefrock, and Austin Webre Faculty Advisor: Dr. Raghu […]
Corrosion test rack
Research Team: Tyler Cushman, Graduate Student, University of Alaska Anchorage Dr. Raghu Srinivasan, Mentor, University of […]
With the decreasing presence of fuel reserves and the increasing need for power in today’s world, the development of clean renewable energy has never been more important.
Hydrokinetic technology has been around for many decades better known as hydroelectric dams. Hydrokinetic turbines produce electricity directly from the flowing water in a river or stream without the need of artificial head.
The technical requirements that UAA Rocketry must meet to perform in the Mini-MAV competition are summarized here.
Wind power systems have been recognized as one of the major, effective renewable systems capable of converting massive fluid flow into usable and maintainable power source.