Faculty Advisors: James Amundsen, P.E. Chief, Highway Design; Osama Abaza, Ph.D. Professor and Chair, UAA

Client Organizations: Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF)

Document: Design Study Report

Blue Fox

Students: Lance Overstreet, Jenn Brown, David Cooper, Kimi Gonzalez, Colleen Wilt, Brandon Telford, Audrey Alstrom, Nicholas Warton, Nick Owens, Travis Bradshaw, Ivan Chigak-Steadman, Hugh Keogh, Natasha Hayden, Leslie Howard, Steve Bentti, Zach Meehan, Steven Clark, Kyler Dias

Summary: This project was proposed to increase capacity and create a more direct east-west connection between Old Seward Highway and C Street. This project in combination with other current Alaska Department of Transportation (ADOT) and Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) projects will relieve congestion on other east-west arterial roads within the MOA. The useful life of the facilities within the project corridor has declined and does not meet current standards. The pavement is rutted and failing, the pedestrian facilities are sporadic and the Campbell Creek Bridge has settled significantly.

The principal purpose for this project is to upgrade the existing facilities in order to provide better east west travel from the Old Seward highway to C Street on West Dowling Road. The major improvements include expanding the roadway from two lanes to four lanes, adding pedestrian facilities and creating a more direct rout from the Old Seward to C Street. The project design will consider cost, design standards, and the needs of the traveling public. The objective of this report is to document the design decisions made for the project.

Prestige Worldwide

Students: Donald Jourdian, Brian O’Dowd, Cindy Cluchey, Will Kemp, Margaret Brawley, Galen Jones, Mahear About Eid, Joshua Satterfield, Michael Johnson, Matthew Majoros, Garret Yager, Lee Bolling, Ethan Perry, Stephanie Plate, Ben Still, Inho Chung, Chan Ohlfs, Bo Wycoff

Summary: As the Anchorage Municipality continues to grow more and more there is an ever increasing need to develop infrastructure to allow for less congested traffic flows. Dowling Road is currently in a state of disrepair and in need of several major upgrades. The expansion of West Dowling Road is necessary to provide a greater capacity of use necessary to meet the current and growing volume demands. In addition, the expansion of this road is one part of a larger effort to transform Dowling Road into a minor east/west arterial in order to relieve the congestion from other east/west arterials in the city of Anchorage.

This Design Study Report (DSR) will address options and means for repair of the failing bridge on Dowling Road while at the same time subsequent upgrades to the roadway and intersections of Dowling Road from Seward Highway to “C” Street.



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