Students: Charity Bare, Heather Benton, Timothy Coe, Jacob Dilley, Gary Ellis, Rachel Kidwell, Daniel King, Isatou Njie, Corey Roche

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: T. Bart Quimby, Ph.D., Professor, UAA; Osama A. Abaza, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, UAA; Thomas Faulkenbery, P.E., Faulkenbery and Associates

Client: University of Alaska Anchorage, School of Engineering

Summary: With the increased demand for more classrooms and labs, it is requested that a new, larger School of Engineering Building be built to support the ever increasing enrollment.

This report addresses the primary design and cost considerations relative to the proposed New School of Engineering Building. The new building is designed to be placed in the southeast corner of the Wells Fargo Sports Complex parking lot. It has a footprint of approximately 100,000 square feet of useable space and will have a live occupancy capacity of 1,941 occupants. It is believed that by constructing this building, it will not only benefit the School of Engineering; it will launch UAA to becoming a leader in professional development for the greater community of Alaska and the world.



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