Author: Alena Robson


The State of Alaska requires contractors to follow specific quality standards for heavy civil asphalt construction projects. Contractors face financial and scheduling risks if these standards are not addressed effectively and in conformance with necessary criteria. Contractors must complete project work to meet customer requirements and conform to quality standards efficiently and cost effectively. Doing so ensures that the State of Alaska’s quality standards are met and contractors’ financial and schedule targets can be achieved with the most efficient use of scarce resources. Currently, there is an indirect cost savings to the contractor to perform QC in a specific manner because it reduces or in some cases eliminates rework. The desired state is to directly save money by applying efficient quality control methods. This project produced a manual that describes best practices and quality control procedures that can be applied by heavy civil asphalt construction contractors to meet necessary SOA quality standards in a more timely, cost effective and efficient way. The correct application of this manual should result in a savings of 1% on the bid cost per asphalt ton.


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