Author: Maggie McKay


The Alaska Wind Working Group is a collaboration of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals interested in identifying specific concerns and barriers to and opportunities for wind development in Alaska. The group holds meetings quarterly to share information and discuss wind power in Alaska. The Alaska Wind Working Group is dedicated to the smart and successful wind power development in Alaska, and is open to any interested party that supports the group’s mission. During the fall quarterly wind working group session it was acknowledged by the group that the Alaska Wind Toolkit publication is out of date and not current with industry best practices. The group would like to see the document updated, republished and distributed. This project will be review and revise the Community Wind Toolkit that was published by the Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) in March 2011. This project will provide the planning, literature review, survey, interviews, document revisions, and draft review. Additionally, all procedures and processes as required by PM686A and 686B will be incorporated into the project. The project will be initiated with the acceptance and signature of the charter and will conclude April 27th, 2015 with the successful completion of 686B.


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