Students: Robert Champion, Kim Anderson, Laura Lewis, Kelsey Coolidge, Sophia Lee, Simon Gilliland

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Nick Georgelos, Scott Hamel, P.E. Ph.D., Osama Abaza, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, UAA

Client: Mountain Rider Alliance

Summary: The University of Alaska Anchorage Civil Engineering department was requested by the Mountain Rider’s Alliance to conduct a preliminary site design for a ski resort on Manitoba Mountain located on the eastern Kenai Peninsula. The goal of the Mountain Rider’s Alliance is to design and operate a ski resort that has a small resort feel with big mountain riding, avoiding the current mantra of the need for multi-million dollar resorts in order to gain the perfect ski experience.

The Mountain Rider’s Alliance requests the total project cost be in the range of $750 thousand to $1 million and meet the following economic objectives:

  • Develop the minimum initial infrastructure which can be expanded to meet anticipated future demand.
  • Create a facility that is designed to be supported by the local and regional markets, but will still appeal to a niche market of out of state and global travelers.
  • Provide ski terrain for all ability levels from first time beginner to the highest level experts. Teach avalanche awareness and winter rescue skills.
  • Provide the most economical ski and outdoor recreation opportunities possible for the Kenai Peninsula and South Central Alaska.
  • Employ quality used equipment to keep the initial capital investment to a minimum.
  • Use of surface lifts to increase dependability in high wind weather and minimize the environmental footprint.
  • Create an economic engine to support the winter economies of Hope/Sunrise, Cooper Landing, and Moose Pass as well as support the year round operation of Summit Lake Lodge.
  • Support the use of the Hut to Hut system in the Summit Lake and Johnson Pass area.
  • Preserve the natural experience and scenic qualities of Summit Lake, by taking all efforts to minimize the visual impacts of the lift infrastructure and trail development.


2012 Apr Manitoba Ski Area Final Plan

2012 Apr Manitoba Ski Area Report


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