Student Members: Nicole Mah, Tuva Granøien Faculty Advisors: Dr. Frank Witmer, Dr. Kenrick Mock Introduction: The […]
Student Members: David Michel, James Royals Faculty Advisors: Dr. Frank Witmer, Dr. Kenrick Mock Introduction: For […]
Student Members: Tremayne Booker, Jared Vitug Faculty Advisor: Frank Witmer Acknowledgments: ANSEP, Wikipedia Abstract: Wikipedia is […]
Student Members: Jared Vaughn, Boro Zorigtbaatar Project Overview: The Arctic Spark program aims to enhance the […]
Student Members: Austin Edwards, Conner Trouy, John Schwenke Faculty Advisors: Dr. Frank Witmer, Dr, Sebastian Neumayer […]
Student Members: KivaGale Ketcham, Paul Natcher Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kenrick Mock Abstract: This project is to […]
Student Members: Marshall Pratt, Sean Crumley Abstract: This capstone project sought to automate a self enclosed […]
Student Members: Lydia Stark, Cale Cornichuck Faculty Advisors: Dr. Vinod Vasudevan Advisor: Dr. Shawn Butler Summary: […]
We sometimes find difficulty when attempting to fit everything we want in a limited space. In some cases, rearranging can result in wasted effort through trial and error. Although keeping a list of measurements can help, Refixture allows you to use those measurements to model a virtual room that you can modify freely.