Tom Ravens and research assistant Jon Allen are developing a storm surge modeling system to examine the frequency and severity of storm-induced inundation of the YK Delta. In addition, the team is examining sediment transport impacts (in particular sedimentation) and water quality impacts. The storm surge modeling system consists of a course-grid ADCIRC model and a fine-grid Delft3D model. The validation of the storm surge model and some calculations of inundation frequency/intensity will be the subject of a presentation or poster at the Dec. 2012 AGU Fall Meeting. An example of a preliminary calculation of inundation is shown in the figure below. The modeling will soon be extended to examine effects of climate-change-induced sea level rise.

Modeling of Storm-Induced Inundation, Sediment Transport, and Water Quality Impacts on the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta
Model storm-induced inundation in central portion of the YK Delta during the 2005 storm.


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