Students: Zach Cuddihy, Kyle Powell, Kelsey Copley, Grant Warnke

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead:
Osama A. Abaza

Client Organization:
Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities


The Seawolf Engineering team completed preliminary design work on the Portage Curve Project, which is located approximately 40 miles south of Anchorage. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the existing road and bridge conditions and decide whether a rehabilitation or reconstruction project is needed to solve the issues that plague this corridor of the Seward Highway. Preliminary design work included a redesigned horizontal and vertical curve for the road, intersection design and site layouts for the new bridge locations. Multiple intersection designs were conceptualized before a final design was chosen. Additionally, Seawolf Engineering put together a list of all required materials and estimated quantities. These quantities assisted the team in estimating the total project cost for the Portage Curve Project –which came out to be $35,400,000. Finally, detailed plan sets were developed for the realignment of the road and the typical bridge sections for Portage Creek No. 1 and Placer River bridges.



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