Students: J. Eisele, D. Mendoza

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Todd Petersen


Indoor navigation can be challenging because the Global Positioning System does not function reliably, if at all, indoors. The purpose of this project was to design a prototype of an indoor navigation system that could be used by members of the blind and vision impaired community, demonstrate proof-of-concept, and make a recommendation regarding future research. As part of this project, we evaluated a simultaneous localization and mapping application called “RTAB-Map” for its ability to generate a map of an indoor environment and then perform accurate, real-time localization within the map as required for navigation. RTAB-Map is a graph-based simultaneous localization and mapping approach that uses both image and depth information. The scope of the project was constrained to navigation of an indoor environment that we had previously mapped and existed on a single “floor”. A Microsoft Kinect was used to provide the image and depth information that was required for mapping and navigation.



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