Students: Ed Cannon, Chris Crowell, Kim Eisberg, Andrew Gallagher, Tom Gill, Jesse Jack, Araya Mekuria, James McCurtain, Kris Squires, Eric Vilce, Scott Warner

Faculty Advisor or Community Project Lead: Stephen Nuss, P.E., Capital Program Manager (AWWU); Robert Lang, PhD. P.E., Professor of Civil Engineering, UAA; Osama A. Abaza, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, UAA

Client: Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility (AWWU)


Midtown Anchorage currently has two production wells which when pumping at full capacity create a hydraulic high point in the system, resulting in blocked flow from east Anchorage sources through the MacInnes pressure relieve valve (PRV) near the A-C Street coupling. The 2012 Water Master Plan recommends construction of a large diameter water transmission main between 4th Avenue and Tudor Road along the A-C Street coupling. A new large diameter main will allow for wider use of the wells’ production capacity along with providing a redundant feed to the airport, midtown, and downtown areas. Without the redundancy, a major water break on the east side of Anchorage could leave midtown and west Anchorage without water for a significant period of time. The new main is expected to meet the projected demands for this area of the city over the next twenty years.

The Seawolf Engineering Team, having been awarded this project by AWWU, agreed to complete the following deliverables by April 2013:

  • Review existing plans, studies, geotechnical data, a technical memoranda and record drawings;
  • Develop alternative analysis to develop a list of at least three feasible alternatives;
  • Identify all required agency permits, approvals or waivers for each of the alternatives;
  • Analyze other utility record drawings and grid sheets to determine utility conflicts with the alternative routes;
  • Review hydraulic modeling data and provide a recommendation on material and sizing of the pipe to be constructed;
  • Prepare a Conceptual Design Study Report (CDSR) that will include a recommended route alignment. The route shall be developed in AudoCAD to the 15% conceptual design level;
  • The CDSR shall include a rough order of magnitude (ROM) cost estimate and utility conflict report for the recommended route alignment.


2013 Apr Midtown Water Transmission Main Project Final CDSR



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