Author: James Fitzgerald


While the US Army Engineer Regiment is encouraging leaders to obtain Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications, accepted Project Management tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) are not widely practiced, and therefore do not effectively benefit the Engineer Regiment or the Army. There are vast amounts of academic information available on project management concepts; however, there is very little with regards to Army doctrine that addresses this subject. The Project Management Handbook for Officer and NCOs guides Army Leaders in the use of these concepts and TTPs when planning and executing projects. The use of these proven project management processes will enhance the skill set of Army Leaders and planners, resulting in more efficient and successful completion of projects. Army Officers are well trained to plan and execute combat operations using current Army doctrine. However, these models are not always the best framework to use for non-combat missions or “administrative’’ projects. This Project Management Handbook does not replace any current doctrine, but by building on those skills currently trained and used, it provides a framework that in many cases is better suited for the challenges of administrative projects. Use of this handbook will also provide Army leaders and planners a reference that will enhance their operational planning skills through the understanding of industry proven techniques.


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