Research Team:

  • Mohammad Heidari Kapourchali, University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Matthew Berman, University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Micah Hahn, University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Payman Dehghanian, George Washington University
  • Miguel Lejeune, George Washington University
  • Donna Attanasio, George Washington University
  • Hana Akselrod, George Washington University


This NNA planning grant expands scientific understanding of interactions between natural environment, energy infrastructure, and social systems before, during, and following wildfires. It generates knowledge about the interaction of wildfires with energy systems and builds on those insights to develop research directions and roadmaps to deploy advanced energy technologies for structural and operational resilience against wildfires, while considering legal and regulatory requirements and local community needs. The project shapes research directions on the varied wildfire triggers in Alaska, enhances understanding of interactions of Alaskan energy networks and wildfires, and guides strategic plans for wildfire resilience. Further, the project engages local Alaskan communities with an integral and active role in implementing plans against the undesirable social, psychological, and physical outcomes of wildfires. The workshops in this project engender a multidisciplinary team that uses the knowledge and relations gained to develop engineering solutions to social and environmental challenges, strengthen the connections between Arctic and non-Arctic communities, and provide Arctic residents with educational opportunities to train the workforce of the future on Arctic wildfire resilience.  

FIREWALL brings together experts and advisors nationally and internationally.


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